Deanerys Targaryen with a white stalion

Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones Season 1 (HBO)

The Evolution – Coming of Age

Being different can be isolating, especially for INFJ’s and HSP. To cope with the loneliness, I turned to writing and art. There’s just a spark in me that cannot be put out. When I’m really going at it, I can’t write or type fast enough to get my thoughts on paper.  I knew very early on that I was destined for something much more than ordinary in this lifetime, that I could never be fulfilled with just the bare minimum. I’m a paradox wrapped in my own thoughts. Playing by myself, drawing on walls, head in the clouds or buried in books, observant, quiet child. The idea for AR came around the time when I was 22 years old, although AR existed on Tumblr years ago. After going through a bad breakup, losing and growing apart from all my friends, a spiritual awakening (first one of many) and a sad goth phase, I decided to revive an old childhood persona – The Ice Princess. I’ve always kept a journal and enjoyed online blogging in high school and college, but decided to turn my thoughts into something even more personal. My own website. I also got sick of writing for other media outlets who used my work but did not credit me or paid me very little. All the brainstorming came together when I was 23 and arguably one of the pivotal years of my life thus far because I realized my true potential, unlocking my spirituality to great lengths. I regret nothing. Finally, I was able to create myself anew and grow into the person I was meant to be. When “this” is all over, I’ll understand why everything happened the way it did, as will you. It will come full circle and only then will we be able to find true peace.


Time is a Concept 

Sometimes I get detached with reality. This is not intentional by any means. It has a lot to do with the fact that I’m very much in a constant dreamlike state, living in my own world. Being an empath is both a curse and a gift as I’ve come to realize. I don’t like this world, so I go off on my own a lot. That’s where my main source of creativity comes from. Solitude. Stillness. An empty kind of quiet. Where I can organize my racing thoughts. This is the only way I can handle the depth of which I feel. Being alone, recharging, expressing myself in all forms. A select few get to experience who I am one on one, and those are my two best friends but I consider them family at this point.

Dany dragons ice queen game of thrones

Every Fairytale is Different

Prince charming and white castles. That’s what most young girls will tell you of their dreamland. But I didn’t care for prince charming at all. I still wanted to be a princess, of course, just a different kind. The one that runs among the wolves, child of the cosmos, ruler of the skies. I’d wear a long, thick cloak, velvet and cashmere layers, with white gloves and tan suede boots to my knees. Soft skin, rosy cheeks, and a fiery heart. Golden flowers and a sparkling diamond crown to match that dazzled in the sunlight.

cape fashion reign ice queen adelaide

paolo sebastian

Paolo Sebastian A/W

Where’s your happy place?

The actual name itself – Arctic Reign came to me one night out of the blue in the fall of 2015. There’s a place I go to when I’m feeling down or in need. Some people close their eyes and imagine themselves on a beach, or maybe with their loved ones somewhere overlooking the city. I close my eyes and every time, it never fails – I see a beautiful, magical, yet unforgiving cold. A blanket of white snow stretching far beyond a frozen lake of translucent turquoise blue, glimmering ice crystals, and mountains of white. There’s just something so remarkable and soothing about this to me. Pure serendipity. White is one of my favorite colors, especially when I make art. It’s an overpowering color. So I thought to myself, what’s the coldest place known to man? Antarctica is what came to mind. Some may disagree, as there are parts in Russia with record-breaking degrees. Either way, I wanted to be as fierce as a raging snowstorm or blizzard, blowing your entire existence away. A force to be reckoned with. Piercing your heart, sending chills down your spine, yet as gentle as the first snowflake on an early winter morning, melting on the face of a baby’s tiny nose. Moreover, I wanted to be the queen of the land in my fairytale vision. Which is how reign came about. I didn’t want to use the word “Queen” because that would limit me to only one position, giving off mixed ideas that I needed a King by my side. But reign….reign is defined in the dictionary as one: to hold royal office; rule as king or queen. An entire utopian kingdom under my rule. Where the kind, innocent, and good souls will survive while the cruel and heartless savages are given absolutely no mercy. (Daenerys Targaryen, anyone?)

emilia clark game of thrones white cape dress


The Anatomy of a Diamond – in the rough 

I have yet to have an official logo design but have always been sure about the icy, diamond icon. There are approximately 57 facets of a brilliant cut diamond. I need a symbol – a prism of some sort, to represent every race, age, background, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Diversity and inclusion are very important to me and I don’t want to exclude anyone when creating my brand. This is the future of business. And there is no room for hate or bigotry.


The Age of New Ideas 

So that’s the short version of Arctic Reign’s history. It holds special meaning to me and I will make it my own. I want to take it as far as I can. There is beauty in everything if we only choose to see it. People are usually afraid of the cold, wanting to escape it, never witnessing the beauty it beholds.


Photo by David Cantelli