About the author:

Greetings, earthlings.

I’ve been in the wrong realm since birth and I think everybody can tell. I hope you’re not just another bot who stumbled across my page. If you’re a real person, welcome. I hope you find something on my blog of personal interest or of value to you.

About me? Well, my hobbies include being naked, killing egos, crushing the patriarchy, reading feminist literature, loving someone I can’t have, making sad art, signing petitions, organizing protests, ignoring texts, dissociating, not smiling in pics….

Yep, that’s me, your problematic fave. When I’m not relinquishing in my existence, I’m rambling on my blog about current events or feminism-related antics and the likes.  I am available for creative direction in collaborations, paid advertising and partnerships. I will also promote non-profit events and fundraisers for free. But only if you’re a legit organization. Not like these. There’s nothing I despise more than a fake charity case pandering towards the vulnerability of good Americans while pocketing the cash.

All fax no printer.

Digitally signed with mad love,
aka Alaska
aka A. Mikaelson / Alice in Wonderland
aka Wonder Woman

About the brand:

Arctic Reign © was created by a millennial, for millennials as a lifestyle blog turned into a collective source for news, creative space, business consulting, and more. The goal is to inspire a new wave of innovators, thinkers, and leaders of the new world while providing a source of aesthetic inspiration. A modern cultural experience. Promoting: Self-love, individuality, and diversity. 

Shop: Customized jewelry and unique pieces.

Services: Marketing and creative design, event management, interior design.

Future Plans: Creative Spaces similar to WeWORK and more charity work.

*Not affiliated in any way with the Arctic Reign, the metal band.