Flying Solo – Travel Tips

Because being alone and being lonely are two very different things. My first solo trip was DC/NY. I had just graduated college and I was like you know what, let me do this. I told my friends and family the week I booked my flight. Who are you going with, they’d ask. Uhm, myself?? Which would then be met with mixed reactions such as “oh” or “why” or “are you sure” or “how come” like what’s the big deal people? Traveling alone liberating af!

The Art of doing things Alone 

Total freedom. Total independence. Fearless in every way. I answer to no one. I accommodate no one. I take my time. I choose what I enjoy.  I know who I am while also simultaneously learning about myself. Solitude can be your best friend if you know how to ease into it., let it flow. Then it gets so addicting you just end up wanting to be by yourself all the time. Time. Ah. Such a fleeting concept. You want to know what time it is? It’s time to treat yourself. Treat yourself to that trip you’ve always been wanting to go on but never did. But be careful, stay smart, and check out some helpful tips below if it’s your first time going solo!

My Personal Travel Tips

  1. Split up your money: To avoid losing all of your travel funds in case of an emergency, hide your money in a secret spot in your luggage, in a favorite sole of your shoe, or somewhere else on your bag. I had a friend who forgot her purse in a cab and ended up not being able to have spending money for the whole weekend! Actually no, that wasn’t my friend. That was me. I am that friend.
  2. International travel: Remember you are not a privileged tourist American. If something happens to you, you’re on your own. You are in their territory. Oblige to their rules. So briefly read up on the laws before you step foot into another country. For example, in Thailand, if you even post anything online about the monarch, you could literally be fined or go to jail. But the jokes on them cause you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to respect the government even if we don’t agree politically because we are visitors who stay in our own lane.
  3. Location Sharing: This one is obvious. I share my location with my best friend so he always knows where I’m at. Share your location – at all times! If your phone is about to die, send your current location to someone back home.
  4. Social Media Awareness: I love sharing but when I travel alone I try to save all my snaps and stories and then actually post it when I’m at my next destination. Stalkers and thieves are everywhere. You thought I was posted up at that bar? Think you can catch me slipping on the timeline? Nah, fam. I left there 2 hours ago. SIKE!
  5. Don’t Flash the Cash: Small bills only. People are always watching and lurking for a careless tourist. You trying to rob me? SIKE! I’m actually broke. I have nothing but a crumpled twenty dollar bill and a phone that barely works.
  6. Have a solid Plan & A Backup Plan: Weeks in advance you should start organizing your itinerary, and also plan for a few backups just in case the store you wanted to check out is closed or that cool restaurant or museum isn’t open yet. You definetely don’t want to sit around the hotel looking at the brochures because you’re not sure where to go.

So. You tell me. Where have you been wanting to explore? Backpacking through Europe? Canoeing in Lake Tahoe? Maybe drive down to the countryside? What is it that YOU want to see and do?


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