Skin Awakening

You know those girls who just roll out of bed looking flawless with glowing skin as if they’ve just had 6 glasses of sparkling magic water from the fountain of youth and 8 hours of sleep? Well, my friend, you too, can be one of those girls (or boys!)


My boo came over for an early morning cuddle session and boy did I come prepared (no pun intended). I would also like to point out that even if you do not have a significant other, please try this once in a blue moon if you’re going to a special early morning event. Waking up feeling refreshed with pretty skin is such a confidence booster, setting you up for the beautiful day ahead for the queen that you are.

Au Natural – The Night Before

Steam your face to open your pores for a deep, exfoliating clean.

steaming face.jpegBefore you start your nightly routine, steam your face. Plug your sink. Boil a few cups of water in a saucepan or kettle. When the water is boiling, turn off the heat and pour the water into your plugged sink. Let stand for a few minutes. Grab your towel and cover your entire head with it over the body of water, be careful and make sure you are comfortable. The boiled water will let off evaporated steam and the towel will keep the steam inside. If your sink is too small, use a large bowl. After your steam, wash your face as usual and feel the difference. 

Do a 10-minute honey mask to boost collagen. It’s very important that it’s organic honey. Not the high fructose corn syrup GMO BS. Slather it all over your face. This can get messy, as the honey will drip because of your body temperature so try to lie down or put a washcloth around your neck to avoid honey getting on your clothes.


Using a sugar scrub and take an oil bath. If you can draw a bath, even better. Dropsome vitamin E oil into your bath or rub vitamin E oil all over your lady parts, skin, legs after your shower. I swear by this. Soft baby skin for days. Sugar or sea salt scrubs are the best for clearing off dead skin skills.


Drink plenty of water before bed. This one is a no-brainer. I drink about two water bottles a couple hours before I sleep. Regulate bodily fluids to relieve excess bloating during the night or in the morning!

The Morning Of (20 minutes)

Clear mascara (or vaseline) – Curl and sweep this over your lashes. The difference is astounding. Eventually, I will get eyelash extensions to skip this step but that’s for another post. I use an eyebrow gel from Glossier($16) or sometimes I use E.L.F ($3) at Target for a much cheaper option, works just as well.

Tinted Lip Balm –  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something to give your lips a fresh color. Mint-infused balms from Mario Badescu or Rosebud Perfume Co. will not disappoint!

minted rose

$7 Minted Rose Lip Balm (

Moisturizer/Primer  Moisturizer to replenish, primer to hide noticeable pores. Right now, I’m using a vitamin creme from Bobbi Brown, which is both a primer and moisturizer. Kiehls and The Body Shop also has a great selection based on your skin type needs.

Getting rid of puffy/dark circles – Cucumber slices, cold spoons, or even an ice pack will help you brighten up! 

Setting Spray Mist for Dewey Skin – Quench your skin’s thirst with a natural hydrating mist. I like Crystal Power from Pacifica (100% vegan!) I also love using the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist from Herbivore Botanicals. They have so many fresh quality products at a decent price.


crystal power spray setting hydro mist
Ulta Beauty Crystal Power Hydro Mist $10.00

Rosewater coco herbivore

Either way, you’re beautiful, so just remember that. Slip into lingerie and get back into bed. Or slip into lingerie underneath your pantsuit and get ready to conquer the day.

Enjoy. x


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