The Future is Here. And we’re furious.

The Generation of Change

Millenials are expected to outnumber baby boomers by 2019. And Gen Z will soon overtake us. By 2020, the Parkland teenagers and their counterparts, all 400,000 of them, will soon be eligible to vote, using their platforms to raise awareness even further and promote change. We will vote those who sleep with the NRA out of office. We will push for bills that should’ve been passed years ago. We will not allow legislators to control our bodies and continue to push for women’s rights. We will protest. We will organize. We will empower one another. We will run for our local government and offices. We will not forget the deaths in police brutality. We will never stop trying to create a better, more sustainable world. But of course, millennials are blamed for just about everything wrong in the economy, labeled as lazy and entitled while Gen Z is taunted by grown adults on multiple occasions.

What a Time to be Alive

Truthfully, I could go on and on. That would drain all of us to hear. Right now, I’m watching because I know it’s coming. The revolution is coming and I’m here for it. I will contribute as much as I can in this long fight ahead of us. Sadly, some of us are too busy ripping each other’s throat based on our political party and the color of our skin instead of fighting the things that matter. Your neighbor or that immigrant is not your enemy and the sooner you realize is when you can channel your energy to the things that are worth it. Below are some pictures from various rallies and movements to inspire the rest of your Friday on how strong we are when we unite.


College students protest against gun violence. Credit: Heather Mount



People’s Climate March in Washington 2017. Photo Credit: @theclimatereality



Men protesting in support of the Women’s March in Washington D.C


Not all of us are blinded by the corruption nor brainwashed by religion. Racism is taught until love is adopted. And love is stronger than hate. Even if our parents or family members have conservative, backward views, we can think for ourselves and decide to stand on the right side of history.

@ the dirty politicians/government officials in America, I hope you’re ready for us all. We are coming for you. The revolution will not be televised. 


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