Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling

Today’s post will be a mini lifestyle update. I am well. Spring is here. Let’s all bloom together. Let’s grow. Evolve. What have you done for yourself lately? Asking that question is not selfish. It’s self-love. Having a thing – a personal thing that you like to do is so important. People who don’t have hobbies freak me out. It amazes me when some people will say watching TV is what they like to do for fun or even worse, doing “nothing.” They’re like robots. Zombies with no thoughts or feelings. Like bland, unseasoned chicken. Pick up a book. Go for a run. Take a pottery class. Sing a song. Water a plant. Something. Anything! Life’s mundane routine can really weigh you down if you don’t spend enough time doing the little things that you enjoy. I think we are brainwashed to work until we die so much so that we forget to stop and smell the roses.

Water Your Own Garden

I didn’t even realize I had a green thumb until this year. I grew up around plants in my parents home so this was bound to happen. The feeling of nurturing life brings me great joy. My plants are like my children and I get excited when I see them bloom or sprout. When people come over to my place and tell me my “wow, your plants have really grown” I feel proud. Like yes, I did that. I grew that. Plant people are my kind of people. You can usually tell who’s a plant person by the way they handle a plant. Do they gently tuck the leaves in and put it in the cart or the back of their car? Do they take their time? Or are they just buying a potted plant from IKEA for apartment aesthetics, only to have it die within weeks?


The Secret Garden

Nourish Your Soul – The Root of it All 

Taking care of yourself at the core is something that is often overlooked in this superficial world. My health earlier this year started out shaky. I actually almost fainted at a bar one time and my best friend literally caught me. I wasn’t drunk. I was not drugged. I wasn’t on anything. I wasn’t exhausted. We had a lovely dinner and went out sober but I still can’t explain why that happened to me. If my friend wasn’t there, things could’ve ended much different. Which terrified me. So after that red flag, I said no more. I made a personal commitment to myself to take care of myself better from here on out. Ripples become waves as small changes make a big impact. Habit becomes a lifestyle. Everything begins and ends with you. You are what you consume. Thankfully, I’ve been feeling much better lately but still need to work on getting my energy levels up without a shot of espresso. Doesn’t help that I have an Alpha-Gal allergy and thin/low blood count. That explains why I’m always fucking freezing when it’s below 70 degrees.

Anyone who knows me knows that I grew up in a fairly healthy household. As in, we always cooked at home and eating out or getting fast food was rare. As a child I remember putting junk food in the grocery cart and my mom would toss it out before we even made it to the check out lines. It got to the point where I just don’t even bother going down the junk food aisle anymore. When you don’t grow up on fatty snacks, your taste buds aren’t able to develop a craving for it. I do however, have a sugar problem. Cakes, donuts, chocolate, you name it, I’m there. Overall though, my lifestyle has improved during the last couple of months.

The Food Pyramid is a Scam

Instead of teaching us about the stupid pyramid and 5 food groups (which is in fact, a lie) we should’ve been taught how to manage our PH balance.  Or that you can get just as much protein from broccoli as a filet. Our bodies break down and process plant-based food much better than meat. And it’s 2018. Are there still people drinking regular milk? From like… actual cows? I switched to almond milk last year and have since been a huge fan plant-based protein as well. I highly recommend Bolthouse Farms. Other small changes include switching from the Tide to Charlie’s Soap, paraben-free shampoo, using and reusing BPA free water bottles, telling every woman I know to stop using toxic pads such as Always, Stayfree, or Kotex, cutting back on straws and shopping at local farms for organic fruits and veggies. Which is dirt cheap if you know where to go. Luckily, I live in Florida so a Farmer’s market is readily available with many options and pricing charts to choose from.


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