Mother Nature is a Total Babe

I have so many nature shots saved on my phone. And of course, random screenshots that I have no explanation for whatsoever. But that’s beside the point. The point is I can’t wait to share these images with you all! People compliment on my photos all the time. And I’m like dude, it’s not me. Look around you. Look at this. I’m just the admirer. A bystander. I’m just taking a photo, capturing the universe, one click at a time. Mother Nature in all her glorious beauty and I’m just here to witness it. She deserves all the credit and more. I am constantly in awe of her, marveling over her breathtaking sunsets as if she painted the skies based on her mood that day. From her luscious green locks in our beautiful forests to her crystal clear waters that flow effortlessly in our rivers. Her sparkling waterfalls, soft white sands, fields of gold. Everything. I love everything about Mother Nature and the elements of this Earth. I complain constantly to anyone who will listen how much we don’t deserve the Earth. Look at how we’re trashing it. Killing it. Destroying it. Humans are the most dangerous and toxic thing to this planet. But I have high hopes for my generation and the generation that follows in taking steps to a more sustainable future.

Bragging Rights or Copyright?

Not going to lie, I very easily could’ve been a freelancer photographer if I wanted to. I mean have you seen some of the prices these underground artists charge? Ridiculous. Your portfolio is good. But not five thousand dollars good. As an artist myself, my art is for the world and for myself to share with the people I love. If I can make money off it, even better. It’s like, people make art just to sell it not for the sake of it. That takes away from the underlying essence and pure joy in creating something beautiful. I used to take tons of misc photos during my high school tumblr/flickr days that I was never given any credit to. I’d just go through my online feed and see a photo I’d taken somewhere years ago with thousands of notes. Like would it kill you to credit the author/artist? A really good photo, in my opinion, is all about the angles. I will take several shots in the same position until I find the right point. My thought process is how can I show the viewer what I see without showing too much? Realistically a photo should be just enough to tell a story. None of my landscape photos will ever be edited. Natural lighting is all you need. And of course, a beautiful focus.

The only thing that would add to the beauty of these photos is if a mermaid washed up on those moss covered rocks. 90% of the ocean is still undiscovered and you’re telling me mermaids aren’t real? Oh please. Magic only exists to those who believe in it.


I’m a spiritual being in all aspects of my life, and I can’t wait to take you all on that journey with me and where it all began. On this particular day, I went on a beach cruiser with a friend to our favorite spot. We smoked a joint and cleansed our crystals. I stood on the rocks, completely balanced, listening to the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls flocking while I let the currents of the water wash away the negative energies my rocks have been storing. Usually, I use pink Himalayan salt to wash my stones but I figured I’d absorb the strength of the seas instead. I want to channel as much power as I can this year because I have a lot of goals and bucket list items to check off. And being the source of strength for my family as we continue to battle my dad’s illness together. Thank you, universe, for blessing me daily with your presence. I appreciate you.


2 responses to “Mother Nature is a Total Babe

    • Not sure what you’re implying but if you read this you’d understand the entire post was about about appreciating Mother Nature and complimenting her lol 😉 xoxo


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