Miami Vice


I’ve been meaning to post this right when I got back from Miami but clearly, procrastination is a bitch, so here we are. I also wanted to tie in a couple of important health-related things within this post as well. The goal is to have each of my blog entries be well thought out, precisely written in my voice with engaging content and vivid pictures. Writing is my passion and with passion comes purpose. All that requires tedious time which is something I will work on and perfect before I can roll out this website with confidence.


We stayed at the Fountainbleu – 5/5. Incredible views, courteous staff members, prime location. Highly recommend if you’re looking to splurge.


$20 per drink, $20 for a sandwich, $60 dollar bill for 2 people. Yep….that sounds about right for Miami 😉


We had a late dinner at The Besty off South Beach. Love having a late dinner. Such a wonderful cultural thing. Especially in other countries. I wish I could eat a late dinner and not pass out at 10pm more often. Unfortunately, I don’t have any quality pictures to provide because when our food came we inhaled it. That’s how you know it’s good. Too good for an Instagram worthy post. The kind of good where you just dive right in, wasting no time to take a snap and post it on your story. I will, however, recommend the green beans and Wagyu beef skirt steak. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.


Overall vibe? A hard 3/5. A minuscule dance floor that mainly caters to bottle service, small dome-like interior, careless uptight bouncers. There was nowhere to stand. The reviews online are pretty accurate. I mean I would go to LIV for the DJ’s or celebrity sightings (which we experienced neither in our case) but I wouldn’t go for any other occasion. Definitely check out other clubs before you try LIV. The name and hype – that’s all it is. I did enjoy the neon lights show. We left early (running on Miami time so that approximates to 3am). I was just kind of over it by the time it got packed like sardines in there. And ladies, be very careful on those stairs!!!


Here’s what I learned. I can’t party like I used to in my early 20s. Like I actually feel my age (25). Whatever the hell that’s supposed to feel. Literally had THE best time, but apparently, all the alcohol, lack of sleep, and dehydration caught up with me. Felt hungover for what felt like days before I immediately came down with a cold. Really ticked off at myself for not taking precautions and proper self-care. I can’t scream this enough yet have failed to take my own advice lately. SELF-CARE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Hydrate, exfoliate, drink water, exercise, take your vitamins, etc. Which brings me to my next point. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as so. Overall, I’m a very healthy person. I love partying but I hate treating my body like a trash can. Yes, it’s a very problematic conflict of interest we have here. The solution I came up with last year was pace myself when out drinking or experimenting. When you respect your body, you want to nourish it. Feeling good, looking vibrant, all that has nothing to do with what the bs they advertise about makeup or skin creme. It starts within. You can read my organic health journey here.


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