Don’t Dream It’s Over

Blog Launch Update 

Time flies when you’re struggling to get ahead of the pyramid scheme while maintaining a healthy social life and sleep cycle on top of preparing for another economic collapse as a post-grad. In about 30 days I hope to take ARCTIC REIGN  live. I don’t know where this will all go but I’m ready to take flight and enjoy the ride. The only problem is I hate ads. Even if I upgrade my account to a business account, that will be my main source of revenue. So I’ve decided to become a charity case. Yes, I’m poor, please donate your change so I can maintain my blog. I know how annoying it is to click on a link or blog post and you’re trying to read the damn post but ads pop up everywhere. I don’t want to put that upon my readers and followers. Once I upgrade to a business account, ads will still be there but I’ll try to work my HTML magic I picked up during the Xanga/Myspace days to make it nice and neat for ya’ll until I have enough to where I don’t need ads at all. Currently eating leftovers from last night in my pajamas while looking for a decent plugin to link up my PayPal account. Yay!

Once I hit a certain amount of $$$ in donations, I will give a portion (20%) of the proceeds to charities and causes that are close to my heart. And I will have the receipts to show it. Yes, we live in a shady world where corporations, brands, or public figures will SAY they will donate but the money never ends up in the right hands. I will NOT be one of those.

My neurons are fucking firing off right now. If you didn’t know me personally, you’d think I was on drugs. But really, it’s just the extra juice of creativity that has been suppressed by the American school system for years.

Big Mood Tonight:



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