Satin Kisses 

red satin dress

Weekend details: Satin red dress from REVOLVE and patent ankle strap heels from Stuart Weitzman.

Effortlessly Chic, Purposely Bold 

I love dressing up but I hate being extra about it. Like even if I spent hours putting an outfit together, I don’t want people to know. Simplicity is best when worn with confidence.

I wanted to create the illusion of rolling out of bed from a nap on a Saturday afternoon looking fresh out the runway. Okay, maybe not the runway. Maybe fresh out of Bloomingdales is the better description.  But either way, I have had nights where I decided last minute to go out in just skinny jeans, tousled hair and a v-neck. And it’s weird. The nights where I don’t even try to look good, is when I feel like I look my best because I’m in my natural state. And when I’m in my natural state, I feel more comfortable with myself.

Cool Girl Vibes 

You know the kind of girl who’s incredibly easy to talk to at parties? Like she’s not stuck up or pretentious or anything. She’d spark a convo with you about politics, technology, aliens from outer space or pop culture. The girl that you can take to a party and leave her to entertain herself? That’s the girl I aspire to be when I’m out. Except I’m usually the girl that goes on feminism rants at parties instead. But that’s okay because it works in my favor. I’ve noticed that when you speak with passion and convey truth, people are willing to listen.


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