Boston State of Mind

Wicked Smaht 

I’ve always enjoyed the historical city charm of Boston. It’s been years since I last visited, but somehow it’s better than I remembered. Maybe that’s because I’m an adult now so I truly register the allure. Things that draw you in, like the amazing skyline, the melting pot full of bright individuals, fresh seafood and the classic Boston accent that could be recognized from anywhere. I went with my mom to visit our family in Quincy. If you’re ever in the area or if you live near North Attleboro, check out their nail salons here and here!

New England Clam Chowda 

On my first day, I relaxed at home and caught up with all my cousins and sisters before heading out to dinner at the Atlantic Fish Company. Which is a must if you’re visiting Boston. Great service, nice ambiance, would eat here again. 4/5 – because I’ve had better lobster rolls. It felt a little dry. But everything else was excellent. We ordered the fresh oyster platter, clam chowder, and the surf and turf. The clam chowder was creamy and full of flavor. The filet mignon was everything and more. Tender and soft, like slicing butter. I’m just not sure what was going on with the lobster on the night we went, but overall, I would definitely come back.


Dinner for 3 


Lobster Roll, Surf & Turf 

Fluid Fashion 

Funny story. Before I left Wichita, all the clothes I was going to pack to Boston never left my house. Because our Kenmore washer broke while I was doing laundry. So all my clothes got stuck in the washer. What a POS. 10-year warranty my ass. I literally had no clothes except for a few statement pieces and pajamas. Because all my stuff is back home in Florida. So I had to work with what I had while going through my mom’s luggage fishing for outfits.

I didn’t think to snap a picture of my outfit so this will have to do. I wore pinstripe slacks from H&M

Streetwear OOTD I love pairing casual sneakers with jeans or slacks. Wearing: Canvas Vans, slacks, crisp white button-up, LV tote.  Drinking: Double shot espresso with condensed milk from Peets coffee. 


Subway ride to Boston Downtown Crossing in comfortable streetwear

Primark is the new Forever 21 

Since we’re still on the subject, I wanted to highlight a semi-new store. PRIMARK is EVERYTHING. They have AMAZING prices and the quality isn’t like H&M or Forever21 where everything falls apart after a couple washes. I can’t wait until they expand. So far, they only have a store in Boston and NY, originating from Ireland. I bought 4 items for $36!!!!! I know what you’re thinking. 36 dollars? In this economy??



Sailing away via Boston Harbor Cruises 9/14/16

Born in the Wrong Era 

I love libraries in general for the peace and tranquility of it, so I had to do it for the culture and stop by the Boston Public Library. Perfect place to catch up on Shakespeare and Jane Austen outside in the courtyard near the soothing water fountain. Huge selection with plenty of space. Total Greek revival vibes. We also stopped by the Isabella Stewart Museum, which was beautiful and an awesome choice for people interested in religion during the 15th-17th century. Although it was much smaller than I had expected.


Boston Public Library 


Venetian vibes at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

Collective Conversations 

The reason I love traveling is that with every trip, you learn something new. If you didn’t, then you didn’t take in as many experiences as you could have. I had a really refreshing conversation with one of our Lyft drivers who was in his late 50’s.

Borrowed Time 

I had asked him where he’s from. That’s usually my go-to starter to break the ice or fill in time. He said his wife was from Greece and he just spent a month living there with her and her family. We compared America to other countries and he told me how he felt America is just this corporate loving, materialistic, egocentric place filled with tireless robots working nonstop. It was ironic that he said that because we drove by an outdoor restaurant and as he said that, a man was sitting alone, barely touched his lunch and on his laptop, probably working. We looked at each other and laughed like old souls. He said people really enjoy each other’s company in most areas in Europe. They eat for two hours even if it’s just lunch for work. They speak differently and with passion. It’s not about politics or the stock market. It’s about familial love around the table at any restaurant. And it’s not rushed because they aren’t living on borrowed time like us. Dinner is served late. Like 9-11pm late. And I love that concept. When I got out of the car I thanked him for the ride and the insight. He said, “Remember, don’t live on borrow time.” And that just really stuck with me.

Back to Reality 

My short stay in Boston was much needed because I had not seen my family there in 3 years. I had flown from Tampa to Wichita for a weekend and then I flew to Boston with my mom. So as you can all imagine I’ve been a little exhausted. Time is such a precious thing, isn’t it? There never seems to be enough of it.



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