Hurricane Irma – The Aftermath

Alive & Thriving 

The last couple of weeks have been batshit crazy. Aside from frantically preparing for Hurricane Irma, finding a safe place for all my belongings and scrambling to catch a flight back to Kansas, I’ve been editing videos for my blog while getting all my furniture and art deco together for my new apartment. I was concerned for my friends in the affected region for days, including my best friend who was stranded in Mexico while on a cruise. I’m currently in Quincy, MA right now and am hoping things slow down a bit once I head back to Tampa, but with my luck and lifestyle choices, I highly doubt that.


Approaching KS, 09/07/17

I caught a red-eye through Southwest last Thursday and as always, had a very pleasant flight. 10/10, highly recommend. Obviously, Tampa International was pure chaos on the night that I left since everyone seemed to be evacuating Florida at the same time. Tbh I’m surprised I even got out. Feeling very fortunate and thankful.

Never Underestimate the Power of Mother Nature 

To sum up this post, climate change is very much real and those denying it (*ahem* Republicans) are clearly delusional. The strength of a hurricane is proven by science to be derived from the warm waters of the ocean. After the devastation of Harvey, how can we take any chances? And with Jose brewing in the Atlantic, how can our leaders still sit here and deny the facts?

Which brings me to another subject. I am excited to see Geostorm, which is a movie starring Gerald Butler coming out on October 20th. The storyline is based on the idea that the government (HAARP) manipulating the weather to cause catastrophic events. If you really think about it, nothing is too far fetched these days. I mean, hello. Donald Trump is POTUS. So I wouldn’t put it past us that our own government is currently if not already experimenting with different levels of frequencies to control the atmosphere. It’s the ultimate weapon for warfare. How can your enemies defeat you in battle if a hurricane wipes them out? Or, it could a weapon of mass destruction for the elite and their evil plans of depopulation. I should stop before I start going off. Stay woke, fam.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.58.49 PM

Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

My apartment which I barely just moved in to had minor damage, power still out, and the sewage is still backed up. Below is a photo that was posted on our community forum. I have been following close updates and am so ready to get back to my place this weekend, which is empty since my furniture is elsewhere.

Peridot Palms

The morning after Irma hit, a rainbow appears and all is well. 09/11/17


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