The American Dream 2.0

“It’s shit pay for bitch work to climb the corporate ladder.”

-Wise words from my BFF via text when I asked him what he thought about my new job.

The Sky’s the Limit 

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I’m out here trying to make a brand for myself. Let’s just say corporate politics, intersectional feminism, and nepotism – it’s all very real. Those who deny such facts walk around smelling like privilege without even realizing it.

Do you know why they call it the American dream? Because you have to be sleeping for it to be real. The pyramid scheme goes something like this: The rich will continue to get rich. The poor stay where they are. And the middle class (me) become crushed between the two. Sometimes it’s not about the classes you take. It’s the hands you shake. I’m not saying the American dream isn’t possible. I’m just saying it’s becoming less attainable due to many reasons.  Jobs being outsourced, the lack of affordable housing, college tuition skyrocketing over 200% since the 1980s, the cost of health insurance, the gap between inflation and wages, etc.


Millenials – A Generation of Murderers

Times are changing. And it may be time to reshape the American dream. The blame game stops here. Sometimes, I feel like people just hate on millennials for no reason. Like, we’re trying to do our best. If I want to take a selfie while I wait for my order of extra guacamole, so be it. Let me fucking live. We are accused of killing everything from the housing market to paper napkins to the golfing industry. Maybe we just value experience over materialistic items.

I don’t know what the American dream holds for me. All I know is that I’m not afraid of change or a challenge and will adapt accordingly.


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