Weekly Briefing

Hi, it’s me, you’re problematic fave, here to update everyone on how I plan to organize my daily posts once the site is officially launched. I like keeping things interesting with a variety of topics and themes so that there is something for everyone. The goal is to post/schedule something different every day while rotating between tags every other week. Of course, my midnight ramblings and drunken rants will pop up at any given time without warning so be on the lookout for those. They’re always fun to read. Or so I’m told.

The Daily Rundown:


  • #MotivationalMonday: QOTD, daily affirmations, fitness routines, self-love type posts. Basically, I’ll try to post something to cure your Monday blues.
  • #MusicMonday: New music, new playlists, artist feature, album reviews, song of the week, throwback tunes, music videos reactions, etc.
  • #MeatlessMondays: vegan/vegetarian recipes. Yay! Let’s all make PETA happy.
  • MentalHealthMonday: This is extremely important to me. I know we have bigger problems to address, but I feel like we don’t focus enough on mental health in America. We should. It is the root of many problems such as suicides, drug use, violence, and more.


  • #TopicTuesday: hot topics of the week – including news, politics, viral sensations, comedy, memes, pop culture, controversies, etc. I’m willing to take requests and cover a certain topic as well.
  • #TravelTuesday: places I’ve been, and places I’m going to, or just really neat places in general. I’d like to partner or do a feature with Culture Trip for this someday
  • #TipTuesday: beauty tips, life tips, cleaning tips, cooking tips. You got a problem? I’ll find a tip. And if I can’t then I guess we’re both SOL.


  • #WokeWednesday: informative, nonbiased, open discussion on things “they” don’t want you to know. Oh, and I’ll throw in the occasional conspiracy theory here and there to keep things interesting.
  • #WellnessWednesday: health is wealth. Legalize weed. Dr. Sebi cured cancer. Do your squats. Drink your water. PS – Fuck big Pharma.
  • #WisdomWednesday: Your Spiritual advisor aka chakra wifey is here to drop good vibes only. That deep Gandhi type stuff.


  • #ThursdayThoughts: this is my selfish diary day where I talk about my very boring life in fine detail


  • #FeministFriday: this one is self-explanatory and quite honestly my favorite topic ever.
  • #FashionFriday: looks of the week, OOTD, runway shows, upcoming trends and more!
  • #FridayFeeling: Or other known as Feelin’ myself Friday in my world. This blog strictly promotes self-love so if you know someone that needs a boost of confidence, a teen battling cancer, someone going through a divorce or breakup, message me and I’ll do a little fun feature for them. Otherwise, I’d just post a selfie if I’m feeling vain.


  • #SaturdayNightLive: restaurant reviews, life hacks, DIY projects, whatever’s saucy atm
  • #SocialSaturday: Events, protests, concerts, cocktail recipes, date night ideas, new friends, old friends, party ideas and the likes
  • #SaturdayShopping: product reviews, buyer beware, deals of the week, home goods, makeup hauls, etc.


As always, feedback is welcomed!





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