I want to make art but I don’t feel anything 

The photo above was taken last fall at the School of Design in Kansas. I took this shot because I liked how the shadows reflected on the wall. I really miss making art but I haven’t touched a paintbrush in months. I’d also like to get back into photography.

Paint Me A Picture With Your True Colors
That’s the weird thing about art though. Good art should make people feel something. Anything. As an artist, you have to put your emotions on display. For everyone to look at. To examine. To question. To get inspired by. And if you’re lucky enough, people will want to buy your art. So now that sad little part of you is hanging in their living room. I feel really exposed when people try to make sense of my artwork. So for a long time, I hid it. Not going to lie, some of it is pretty fucking morbid. Very Salvador Dalí meets Kurt Cobain. Other paintings are bright and happy though. I don’t like it when people ask me for an interpretation of my paintings. I can’t really tell you why I used x color or y style because I really don’t know. I just paint what I feel. It doesn’t matter what my interpretation is anyway. I like it when viewers dissect somebody’s art on their own. People will see different things and that’s kind of the beauty of it all, right?

Diamond Tears ft. Dying Roses

The display above was part of my senior project a couple years ago. I’m crazy obsessed with roses so I had to incorporate that into my portfolio at the end of the semester. The idea was that the diamonds he gave me were forever, but his love was not. And that’s why the roses are dying. I’m considering donating this to the Museum of Broken Relationships in LA as an art installation soon. This piece is no longer a part of me.

My artwork is usually in direct correlation to what I’m growing through at the moment. I always paint on a whim so it could be 6 am Monday morning or 10 pm Saturday night. But right now, I don’t feel enough to produce anything worthwhile.

So… I guess it’s time to get inspired again. Stay tuned.


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