BRIO Tuscan Grille

I don’t have any pictures, and I will probably never be back. I ate here at their International Plaza location a few weeks ago when my BFF came to visit me in Tampa, FL. We have so many inside jokes and this is one of them. Need a client to back out from a deal? Take them to Brio. Are you over him? Break up with him at Brio. Like, it was that bad. Honestly, I was surprised at the 5-star reviews online when I got home because it was below average and tasteless the night that the three of us went. Or maybe we’re just true foodies who take our meals seriously. A bad meal can ruin an entire night. Cooking is an art form and eating is the most essential and one of the most enjoyable things in life. So excuse me if I was less than pleased when my food came out unseasoned, overcooked, and cold. I enjoy cooking but I’m no expert. It should be offensive when I say I can cook something better than the restaurant. Like, did you buy a chicken from Sams or Walmart and plopped it on the grill, rip open a pack of instant gravy and call it good?

For starters, the spinach dip appetizer was thick, room temperature, and drenched in some kind of oil. We jokingly said to each other, “This is something you serve to your husbands family when you don’t feel like cooking. Tostitos chip dip in a microwave slapped onto a nice fancy dish.” We fake joked about it to our waiter, who laughed and surprisingly told the chef. I didn’t think the chef would give us complimentary desserts for the mishap and overall unsatisfactory dinner but he did. That was super sweet because we weren’t expecting any payouts. I thanked him personally for taking the initiative to try and fix the situation. My first and last time at Brio Tuscan Grille reminded me of that Olive Garden type quality. Mediocre. You know, just something you go eat if you’re hungry and don’t feel like spending too much. Which is fine, but if I wanted Olive Garden quality, I would have gone to Olive Garden.


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