How To Be An Unforgettable Woman

“You’re a woman. Use it. Bring every man you meet to his knees.”

Rule #1: Never seek validation from anyone, no less a man. The woman who doesn’t require validation from anyone is a dangerous woman and she should be feared. Can you imagine the things she can accomplish in her lifetime with such self-confidence? The people she will intimidate? Be that woman. Change the world. Do your thing.

Rule #2: Find your signature drink. Order it every time or as frequently as possible. Find someone you admire and find out what they order. It can be a singer, actress, model, or fictional characters. Get creative or customize your own. Mine is the French 75, taken after Kate Moss, or the Vesper Martini after James Bond. Always shaken, not stirred, and served with top shelf Vodka. kate moss drinking french 75

Rule #3: Understand that it’s more important to be the most interesting person in the room instead of the prettiest. Use this to your advantage. Beauty fades, but fly is forever. What’s interesting about you? What do you like about yourself? Focus on that. Perfect your craft.

Rule #4: Find your signature scent. Wear it well and wear it frequently. People will soon start to associate you with this fragrance, so if they are at the department store and they see it or get a whiff of it, they’ll immediately think of you. Even if they get a whiff of something similar to your perfume, they’ll still be reminded of you. I had a (not a fan of labels) previous love interest who would text me every time he passed a garden or the flower market because my fragrance of choice as the time was a lilac based. And always remember – less is more. Don’t spray yourself down like an Axe commercial. I’ve been using Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin line for two years now. It definitely captures the attention I want.

Dahlia Divin

Rule #5: Strong women wear the pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, you’ll only see the beauty of it. If you’re sad, do what you need to do. Cry if you have to. Never apologize for having emotions. But never let them see you sweat.

Rule #5: Build a wardrobe that fits you. I don’t care what your body shape is, what’s important is you are healthy. Love your curves, admire your body (and I do mean all of it) and own your imperfections. The 3 C’s Rule: Look for clothing, color, and cuts that compliment your body.


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