Growing Pains

6 Times I Realized I Was Actually Becoming a Grown Up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We’ve all heard that before. For me, it used to be a lawyer, an actress, a writer. And now? All I want is to be is in bed by 10 PM with laundry done and dinner ready.

I remember being 18, feeling so grown paying for my own phone bill and opening a bank account for the first time, walking around like I knew everything and owned the place. It’s cringe-worthy at best, thank God that phase is over.

Last month was my 25th birthday, and boy, do I miss being 18. I caught myself scrubbing pots and pans the other night, feeling strangely satisfied in how shiny they looked after I was done. Then it hit me. I’m an adult. This was the most exciting part of my day. Scrubbing off a scorched, stainless steel pan.

Gone are the days of staying up late, partying, bar hopping…. getting into mischief. Now, I’m home by 8 PM and in bed by 10 PM. I love canceling plans and spending a quiet evening to myself.  I watch the news before bed, catch up on my reading, and then it’s lights out. Start the morning off with a jog before enjoying my coffee black, no cream, no sugar. Aside from getting excited over sales and staying caffeinated, below are 6 times I realize, this is it. This is adulthood. It’s finally here. I made it. And there’s no going back.

1. Getting Excited To Try Out New Kitchenware 

I bought a juicer recently and couldn’t wait to get home and try it. I also enjoy grocery shopping. Oh and the sales! The amazing sales. End of season clearance? Catch me waiting outside with coupons ready in hand.

2. Owning Up to My Mistakes

It takes a lot of guts to admit you were wrong. The secret is to learn from such mistakes. A real adult takes responsibility for one’s actions. I don’t find myself fighting with the facts.

3. Not Paying Attention to Petty Shit

If it doesn’t involve me personally and doesn’t pay my bills, then I don’t care. Simple as that. I don’t care who it is or how strong the tea is. Don’t have time. NEXT!

4. Enjoying Time Alone

Time is a luxury. And solitude is sweet. Putting these two together? Heavenly. I have no problem ordering a large pizza for myself after indulging in a bubble bath at the end of a long day. And the best thing? Leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

5. Ballin’ on a Budget

Being conscious of how much you’re spending daily. Checking the price tag and thinking to yourself, “8 dollars for fucking shampoo? No thanks.” *Puts back on shelf* *Looks for a better option with same quality*

6. Being Healthy Conscience

Remember when you were a teenager and you ate fast food every day for lunch and never gained weight? Well, that was short-lived. Now I eat a cookie for dessert and I’d feel bloated the entire day. Opting for healthier choices and organic meals have now been implemented into my eating habits. I don’t want to waste 500 calories on a slice of cheesecake. I’ll save that for a nice ribeye steak, thank you very much.

And that folks, is all. Below is a picture that perfectly describes adulthood in my humble opinion.

bigger tax death



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