I Was Feeling Epic

That moment when you finish a TV series and you just don’t know what to do with yourself anymore as you cry hysterically. Perhaps I’m one for the dramatics, but I did invest 8 years into this. I was in high school when season 1 came out. This show took nearly a decade of my life.  I finally got around to watching the last episode and the finale was absolutely beautiful, everything I’d expected it to be and more.

****Incoming Spoiler Alert****** Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.47.39 PM.png

At first, I thought the writers would kill off Damon at the end. But it makes so much more sense that Stefan went out with a bang, along with Katherine, the person who started this all. I’ve made peace with Stefan’s death, this is who he was. He needed to be the one to do it. He had to be the martyr. Such a powerful scene when Bonnie’s ancestors came through. But Damon getting the cure was completely unexpected. Although I wish I could’ve seen more of Delena, but knowing Elena went to med school and they got married was enough for me. The waterworks came when Stefan and Lexi reunited. That was everything! Everyone keeps complaining about how Matt only got a bench named after him. It’s fitting for his character, think of the normalcy of it. It’s exactly what he wanted. He’s left a mark on Mystic Falls, and he’ll be able to tell his children and grandchildren all about it while sitting on the park bench. And in the end, Damon saw Stefan again.

I ugly cried during the last few moments of the finale. I mean if you didn’t cry, are you really a fan? This series was my entire youth. I grew up with the cast. When Nina and Ian broke up, I was so disappointed. This episode and the series overall taught me that you can love again. Redemption is possible, confirming my belief in life beyond death. The journey never really ends, does it? How can we, as humans, not see the beauty and grace in this oneness? We’re not humans living a spiritual life. It’s the other way around. We are spiritual beings living a human life.

Kudos to the team for representing such heartwarming and touching visuals. I’ve witnessed this firsthand in my personal life as well. That light breeze, subtle coincidences, and the 6th sense of your loved ones watching you from afar or above, checking in. Especially the part with Enzo and Bonnie. The way it was shown was exactly how I’d imagine spirituality to be. You are forever connected in some way or form with those you love and cherish. And they show up in your lives in ways you will never know.

vampire diaries finale

In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers excited to see Klaroline make a huge comeback in The Originals.


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